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Gajjar Polymers

Plant Bags

Nursery Seedling Bags

The Seedling Bags made of Natural thickened non-woven fabric material, with excellent water permeability, water and nutrients can penetrate naturally, seedling roots can grow through bags instead of decay or bound. When transplanting plants, there is no need to remove Seedling Plant Grow Bags. which can be breathable and melted in the soil.


Biodegradable Planting Bags
The Biodegradable Planting Bags measuring method for unfolding size width and height, after adding soil diameter and height, you can find on the picture detail. The Seedling Pots pouch is Eco- friendly breathable and Biodegradable Non-Woven material. no need to remove the bag when transplanting, improving the plant's survival rate. Non-Woven Plant

Top Planter Growing Bags

The Top Planters Growing Bags Made of high-quality virgin PE / Polyethylene satisfies customer's requirements. Made from a durable, black-and-white material, this is perfect for growing delicate roots and keeping them cool in hot environments by reflecting light away from the soil. The economical and durable Plastic White Top Plant Grow Bags